Storage & Shipping


When you buy your first Break, you will receive a personal storage bag. We will store all your cards from the first break in your storage. Every time you purchase your next break, your cards will be stored in that bag as well. Once you're ready, we will ship your cards to you. 

In other words, all cards are stored until you request shipping. Shipping is on-demand only and will not be done automatically.

If you would like to arrange shipping, please join our Discord server. You'll see a #shipping channel under the Pokemon live breaks category.


As you (probably) know, we're located in Croatia, EU. When shipping your cards, we follow the highest possible safety standards, meaning that we'll ship:

  • In toploaders, sleeves and various padding protection with carboard & papers
  • Exclusively tracked shipping
  • Bubble wrap envelope
  • For bigger and more expensive shipments we suggest that we work out insurance on top of the tracked shipment

When shipping outside of the European Union, please keep in mind that there might be additional Tax and Customs. This is country-specific so please keep that in mind.

For all shipping related questions and arrangements, please join our Discord server. You'll see a #shipping channel under the Pokemon live breaks category.

The rates for shipping:

  • Below 50g - $5 
  • 50 - 100g - $6.5
  • Over 100g - $10